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​​​​​​The theme for this article is  "flowers". They are very therapeutic when it comes to mental health.


Your health is very important. Take care of it. Eat healthy food at the right time and in the correct quantity. Get adequate sleep that's NOT drug induced. Exercise everyday. Drink lots of water. Check vitals in case of any concerns and always smile. Trust me when I say that a smile is like a ray of sunshine. Avoid being around negative people who always find ways to bring you down to the lowest levels. You are so much better than them. You are also utterly and absolutely gorgeous with or without their compliments. Walk with your head held high! 


Let's ask ourselves some simple, harmless questions:

Have you ever found yourself asking," what is mental health?"

Have you ever wondered whether you are mentally healthy?

When was the last time you played with your kids and absolutely enjoyed it?

When was the last time you had a very good laugh?

Have you stopped "caring"?

Do you lie awake for hours at night and can't seem to fall asleep?

 Do you yell and shout more often these days?

Has it been years since you fell in love?

What makes you happy?

What makes you extremely angry?

Do you hate being around people?

Do you find it hard to keep to schedules and meet deadlines?

 Are you always late to  work for absolutely no good reason at all?

Do you find yourself telling lies more often?

Do you despise meditation ?

Does everyone around you seem to annoy you more often?

 my beautiful people, please listen here.......


Having mental issues does not mean you are 

turning  into a psychopathic monster. Nooooo. You probably have watched too many horror movies....having mental issues also doesn't mean you shall be confined in a mental assylum just like they do in movies. It simply means that it's time to slow down and seek professional help and counseling. You are definitely not alone in this. The issues in the world  that we are living in  today are really tough and only the strong will survive. 

How can we know if we are mentally healthy?

In this very amazing article, we shall discuss issues  "mental health". 

The most important thing to note is that you are not alone in this! Trust me, there are millions of people suffering like you are. Some have sought counseling, others prefer to keep things a secret( sadly) and  others self medicate. The latter is certainly a very bad idea since it ends up making things worse!

We all have had to deal with a difficult situation one time or another. Be it death, separation, divorce, betrayal, bankruptcy, loss of a job, addiction et cetera.  There are very many other things that can devastate a human  being especially in this new world of covid.  These tough situations  are usually very hard to recover from. And many people  often require counseling, and lots of interventions from people who are close to us.   We should all know the fact  that  an individual who is going  through one or more crisis should NOT be left alone  because more often than not, it  leads to serious mental instability.  Do not make the mistake of making yourself a doctor or a counselor. You might unintentionally and unknowingly say something that might unhinge someone's sanity and make them harm themselves or those around them. Leave that to a professional please.   When with an individual, just be there. Give them an "ear"  and  talk only when necessary. These individuals like talking. It often takes out the heaviness  and sadness inside them.  Don't be there to make  the mortal mistake of talking about how your children are doing well in school, or how your spouse wants to take you on a carribean cruise or how they proposed ...etc. that's a NO NO NO! 

Sometimes, our best intentions end up hurting our loved ones. It's highly advisable to consult a professional who will be able to offer  assistance as required. 

Please note!

whatever you do, do  not go to console a friend and end up discussing how good your life is. Nooooooo!  That's not what they need to hear. They may not tell you how they feel because they want to be nice, but trust me when I say, it burns them up inside. You may be trying to help, but really, just be there to "listen." Letting them "talk" does more healing than you can imagine!

when you go to console a friend or neighbor, keep your mouth shut and give an ear. Go there and "listen". Leave the talking to professionals.

kindly consult a professional immediately if you have any of these issues below. It might be something as simple as "hormones" , but it's best to be sure than sorry. 

1.  Do you get angry more often?

2.  Do you yell and shout alot?

3.  Are  your close friends and family suddenly  very annoying?

4.   Do you have a very strong urge to smoke or take alcohol athough you have never tried both?

5.   Are you having a hard time taking care of your hygiene?

6.    Do you lock yourself up in a dark room and do you feel "good" when you do so?

 7.   Do you like to be totally alone more often these days?

8.   Do you have the urge to  just "disappear" and go somewhere far far away?

9.  Did you quit your job because everyone at work is "annoying"?

10.    Do you have the strange urge to just empty your bank account and just spend everything wildly? 

11.  When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? A long time ago huh?

 12.   Do you sometimes wish for death and does death seem like a happy and peaceful  place for you?

 13.   Do you have the strange  urge to harm those people around you?

14.   Have your grades in school dropped "seriously"?

 15.   Do you find yourself dressing outrageously these days?  

 16.   do you have the overwhelming urge to dye your hair in blues, reds n greens for absolutely no reason, or just to annoy those around you because they despise it?

17.   Do you have a strange and almost overpowering sexual urge?

  18.  Do   you have another overwhelming urge to tatoo your whole body, where before you absolutely hated tattoos?

19.   Lately do you eat, eat,eat,eat,eat,eat and eat unhealthy fast  food with lots of sugar n grease?

20.   Have  you noticed that lately you seem to hate everything and use the term " hate" alot.

If  you have answered "yes" to one or more of the above, then you  seriously need to seek counseling or see a doctor immediately. They will guide you appropriately. It's not right, and  it's most certainly not "normal".

If your friends and close family  keep  mentioning that you are "different" then  you seriously need to find out why they say so......unless of course you have had a fresh n brand new expensive wig, or an awesome Mani or pedi. Being different might mean that something isn't right especially if people around you have started talking about it.

I strongly  believe that how we cope with  different circumstances really affects our mental health. Seek professional help immediately if you feel that something is not right. 

I wish you the very best of luck as you seek help and  recover from this silent  and dangerous condition.

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